Triple Treat Lipstick Set

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Treat your lips to triple the pleasure with this Triple Treat Lipstick Set! With three shades of luxurious lip suede, you'll get the perfect pout for any occasion. Ready to take your lip game up a notch? Go treat yo'self today! 

Spilling the tea on our Lip Suedes!

Suede matte, non-transfer formula that delivers a weightless dose of colour in an easy glide-on texture (like butter melting on a thickass paratha). It's so hydrating and comfortable, you will forget you are wearing it. Comes in 6 shades that compliment all tones of desi skin.

Triple Treat: Three Lipsticks for Three Times the Fabulousness!

They say good things come in threes, and our lipstick combo is no exception. With three shades of luscious lip colour, you'll have all your bases covered, from subtle nudes to bold reds and everything in between. It's like having a wardrobe of lipsticks at your fingertips, ready to take on any occasion or mood that comes your way. And let's be real, who doesn't love having options? So whether you're feeling flirty, fierce, or somewhere in between, our Triple Threat Lipstick Combo has got you covered -because when it comes to lipstick, more is always more!

  • Indian Rose - Ever wished for the perfect shade of nudish pink but not light pink? This is it! Just the right amount of muted rosy pinkiness & a dash of warm nudeness


  • Chai Shy - Baarish wali chai-inspired nude shade & you two are meant to be. An everyday, wearable nude that will go with nearly all your make-up looks and outfits.


  •  Anti - Heroine -Don’t wanna do full face make-up, just apply this not-for-the-fainthearted red & walkout with the confidence of an Anti-Heroine!

Lightweight - Buttery - Smooth - Pigmented - Long-Lasting - Non - Creasing -Designed for Desi Skin

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