The Perfect Seven Brush Set

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Your secret weapons for flawless makeup looks, darling. These brushes are the real MVPs of your beauty arsenal. 

Spilling the tea on our Brushes!

100% vegan and made with synthetic fibres these brushes look as good in the hands of a beginner as they do in the hands of a makeup fanatic. Perfect sidekicks to any creme, liquid or powder formulation. Easily slide into your makeup bag without hoarding space.

Effortless beauty, one stroke at a time.

Of course we designed our makeup brushes keeping one thing in mind - how would YOU design your makeup brush. Something that is soft but firm. Something that works well with powders, creams and liquids. These user-friendly makeup brushes can make the application process quicker and more efficient, allowing you to achieve the desired look with less effort and frustration.

High quality synthetic fibres ensure that will take all the product and lay it on your skin. These fibres won’t soak up any product. These fibres buff out pigments instead of cakey application.

Lightweight - Buttery - Smooth - Pigmented - Long-Lasting - Non - Creasing -Designed for Desi Skin

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