All you need Set

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Unleash your inner artist and slay every look with our PHAT face palette and brush set. 

Spilling the tea on our All you need Set!

Buttery lightweight texture, smooth finish and in a stellar payoff. Whether you like to keep it my-skin-but-better or serve up the latest looks, this face palette will get you there.  You can use it with your fingers or our no-brainer, no-fuss brush set. This is not another palette that will expire before you use it. 

100% vegan and made with synthetic fibres these brushes look as good in the hands of a beginner as they do in the hands of a makeup fanatic. Perfect sidekicks to any creme, liquid or powder formulation. Easily slide into your makeup bag without hoarding space.

The Ultimate Tag Team: Palette and Brushes Combo!

When it comes to makeup, you can't have one without the other - it's like Batman without Robin, salt without pepper, or PB without J. Our Palette and Brushes Combo is the ultimate tag team, ready to take on any beauty challenge that comes your way. The palette is your canvas, offering a rainbow of hues to ignite your imagination and unleash your inner artist. And the brushes? Well, they're the trusty sidekicks, the Robin to your Batman, the Ying to your Yang, allowing you to blend, buff, and beautify with ease. Together, they're a match made in makeup heaven - so grab your cape (or rather, your palette and brushes) and get ready to save the world, one fabulous face at a time!

  • Eyeshadow

Arabica: Rich and warm just like that cup of coffee. An eyeshadow shade that goes from day to night (much like your favourite cuppa).

Tamba: Stemming from our love for the flattering copper shade that always makes us look glam, this shimmer eyeshadow is everything! 


  • Face

4 pm: Golden hour glow, now at your beck & call. This soft gold highlighter with finely milled shimmer is perfect to create a lit-from-with in sheen.

Anjuna:  Whether your Goa plans worked out or not, our Anjuna bronzer will definitely workout for all hues fora beachy sunkissed contoured glow.

Shy O Why: Remember how you blushed when someone teased you with the name of your crush? Yes, that perfect blush!

Unfocused: Portrait mode, for your face! Mattifying Face Powder that takes away focus from pores & fine lines while keeping your makeup fresh all day.

Lightweight - Buttery - Smooth - Pigmented - Long-Lasting - Non - Creasing -Designed for Desi Skin

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