Makeup is all about COMFORT - whatever that might mean for you

Tired of hearing step out of your comfort zone? Us too! Especially when the comfort zone
feels like taking off your bra at the end of a really hot and exhausting summer day (nothing
beats that feeling). Or maybe, to you, the comfort zone is all about challenging yourself like learning that viral Instagram dance, or deciding to help mom by cleaning the house (only to do it wrong). Whatever is your definition of the comfort zone, that’s what we want our makeup to feel like to you. There is no push or rush to try something that you don’t want to as long as you love what our makeup does for you. So, thank you so much for being part of our journey of making “being comfortable”, a
comfortable thing!

Loads of love,

Avni & Dyuti

Lightweight - Buttery - Smooth - Pigmented - Long-Lasting - Non - Creasing -Designed for Desi Skin

Makeup that’s designed to be finished,not thrown out

Our vision is to allow people to use makeup to create realities that make sense to them and is not bound by what others tell them. In a word, Defi.

Designed for Desi skin

Indian climate ranges from hot & humid to dry & cold. To be a high-performance makeup, it needs to last through all that. It’s not enough that our makeup is highly pigmented and blends well. We have created it to last all day without creasing or getting cakey while feeling comfortable & lightweight.

Commute friendly

Not all of us put our make-up in front of the dresser. Our packaging and textures are made to be commute & travel friendly. You can easily pop them in your bag and apply them in the car, in the metro, or in the washroom in your office. Carry and create the looks you want, anywhere.


Our makeup is created to be used by you to express yourself and what makeup means to you. You don’t have to be limited by the norms and trends, you can use our.